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We supply benzine fuel from the pumps at our very competitive prices.

Engine oil


Engine lubrication oils are supplied for ship and boat engines of any capacity, size or build.



We have a strong reputation for our competitively priced diesel fuels for working ships, pleasure ships and sea ships.


propane gas


Propane gas cannisters of various sizes are stocked, ideal for LPG systems and outboard motors.



Jollys are the perfect footwear for active people who love their outdoor leisure activities & still want to remain fashionable. Jollys are lightweight, totally waterproof & extremely durable.

ice creams


We have a wide variety of ice creams available, especially refreshing on deck in hot weather. Grab yours quickly before Antons staff eat them all!



Whether you need to patch a small area or wish to completely overhaul your ship or boats paintwork we can satisfy all your paint and tool needs.



An extensive range of ropes and roping accessories are available for all marine uses.

This is just a small selection of what we stock, 
Are you looking for a product that is not listed?

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