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Anton van Megen

Anton van Megen has so far provided more than 35 years service to the inland shipping sector. With his wealth of experience and knowledge of the industry, he is renowned as an expert in his field.

Anton works hard to ensure excellent quality and value for his customers and develops additional projects to broaden the reach and range of services he offers. He is also the boss.

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Lydia van Megen

Always on the case, Lydia ensures that everything runs smoothly for the main bunkerstation in Zaandam, the Voorzaan.

With an eagle eye for detail, Lydia manages our administration and office mangement with aplomb. As well as dotting the i's and crossing the t's, Lydia loves apple pie. If she solves a problem for you, you know what to send...

Floris van megen

Floris manages the day to day manning and running of the Voorzaan.

As the Voorzaan's logistician, he is responsible for planning schedules for the team and co-ordinating supply deliveries to our customers. 


As a boat skipper, Coen is usually found at the helm of the Actief, delivering supplies and fuel to our customers.

Is our big soccer fan. In particular AZ. He has been working for us for three years now.


As a boat skipper, Timo is usually found at the helm of the Amstel, delivering supplies and fuel to our customers.


As chief purchaser and assistant manager, Tamira keeps our products stocked and ready to go.

She takes care of customer's needs, manages the deck and is also about to finnish training as a skipper.

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